What you need to know about AffiliateFEST 2018

Event News

Affiliate marketing is complex and continues to change as technology and digital mediums evolve. This year AffiliateFEST will look at how the convergence of influencer marketing is chaining the status of the affiliate channel.

Taking place on Wednesday 19th September in London’s Hilton Olympia hotel, AffiliateFEST is the one conference that should be diarised as it’s the only event to focus on digital learning and skills development for affiliate entrepreneurs.

As an established iGaming event and now in its fourth year, Affiliate Insider’s event attracts operators, suppliers and networks, to come together and meet with affiliates who are pioneering this space. It’s an opportunity to connect with affiliates who are serious about growing their business and who want to build relationships that grow operator revenue.

What You Can Expect from AffiliateFEST 2018?

This year, AffiliateFEST offers a full week of content from over 200 speakers and industry experts across casino, sports and digital marketing. During your first day at the AffiliateFEST Bootcamp both operators and afliates will be able to learn about the upcoming digital trends and this is provided by experts in the eld. This event covers everything from sports to bingo, so no matter what your iGaming speciality is, AffiliateFEST has a topic of interest for most. Those attending the event will also learn more about the important regulations and advertising changes that have come into force in the past year and what best practice and compliance you should be following moving forward.

What sets AffiliateFEST Apart?

While there are many iGaming events to attend over the course of the year, none will offer you the depth of content that AffiliateFEST speakers will provide. The event prides itself on offering an intimate setting in which attendees can sit around a table, network and ask detailed questions pertaining to their own businesses.

Affiliates in attendance have direct access to the speakers to gain knowledge directly relating to their specialised area of gaming expertise. AffiliateFEST 2018 brings the brightest speakers and expert agendas to affiliate entrepreneurs?This year the conference announced that Influencer CEO Ben Jeffries will be the headlining the event.

This 22 year old entrepreneur was recently named by NatWest as one of fifteen entrepreneurs to watch this year after raising £150,000 to launch his business in 2014 and then rebranding last year with the help of Youtube Sensation Casper Lee. Jeffries is now the face of influencer marketing in the UK and will be providing attendees with information on the value of online influencer marketing in 2018 and will be offering free content around this digital learning.

All the speakers at AffiliateFEST 2018 are experienced individuals from the biggest brands in iGaming. Alongside Ben Jeffries, there are many other speakers who you won’t want to miss. such as technical SEO expert Fili Wiese from SearchBrothers.com an ex Google Engineer who will be talking about Google’s latest SEO updates and the convergence of AI on search, as well as Diana Rotaru from new blockchain casino platform Blockchip as well as Jan Sammut from Reftoken who will talk about the effect of blockchain on affiliate business and Nick Duddy from Miratrix – who will describe the app store landscape and how affiliates can still glean great traffic from opportunities in this space.

Operators and suppliers attending AffiliateFEST 2018 will be able to take home a wealth of knowledge from the industry experts on stage but also get to network and do business on an intimate level. The conference is small and networking is a big part of keeping personalisation in place. The aim of this event is for digital agencies, software providers and other brands not yet working with these affiliates to connect up and grow their business and increase revenues.

At this event, the importance of building meaningful affiliate relationships will be highlighted whilst learning about complex digital and iGaming trends from the real experts. Affiliates will be able to access an exclusive network of experienced marketeers who can help support your business growth and understand what the new opportunities are that you should be investing in. It’s a totally unique event, and one that affiliates shouldn’t be missing out on. Affiliate marketing is complex and continues to change as technology and digital mediums evolve. This year AffiliateFEST will look at how the convergence of influencer marketing is chaining the status of the affiliate channel.

Lee-Ann Johnstone
Founder Affiliateinsider