Colombia grants fifteenth iGaming licence

Business News

The president of Coljuegos, Juan B. Pérez, informed that the fifteenth concession contract was signed to operate lucky games on the internet with Meridian Gaming Colombia SAS to place bets on real sports events under the domain

He stressed that shortly after completing two years since they are authorized to be operated online games through third parties, has allowed the entity has transferred to the health of Colombians more than $ 19 billion.

“We were the first in the Americas to regulate this type of online gaming. There are already fifteen websites that offer online bets in a legal way:,,,,,,, ,,,,,, and now is added “.

According to Pérez Hidalgo, currently, there are registered a total of 1,267,018 registered accounts or people in different operators, which shows the great interest there is for them and the exponential growth that has been presented.

He also stressed that Coljuegos has collected more than $ 26,306 million so far this year, for exploitation rights and administrative expenses and that with these resources have already made transfers for $ 19,561 million, with which the subsidized health system is financed and with which it could serve more than 24,400 Colombians.

The president of Coljuegos, added that by the end of 2018 he expects the entity to authorize 17 online operators, according to the interest of the private sector on this market, which has allowed national and foreign capitals to have greater expectations about the regulation of Coljuegos that allows to those who meet the financial, technical and legal requirements open opportunities.

On the other hand, Perez emphasized the importance of playing through the 15 authorized pages offered to Colombians and those with a foreigner card guarantees on their bets.

“Those merchants who are offered to market sites online, it is important to take into account that operating illegal games of chance, that is, different from the authorized 15 pages, leads to committing a crime for which you may incur penalties. 6 to 8 years in prison and fines of $234,372,000, for each establishment, point of sale, sale or vendor, “he said.