UKGC publishes new standards designed to help customers

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UKGC has published new alternative disposition resolution (ADR) standards designed to create a framework for and simplify the processing of complaints brought by UK gambling consumers.

Always seeking better ways of making it simpler and more straightforward for United Kingdom gambling consumers to receive action on complaints about unfair treatment by operators, the UK’s Gambling Commission has announced new standards for alternative disposition resolution (ADR). The ADR process is the path through which consumers can take complaints if they feel that gambling operators have not handled a complaint properly, in accordance with the UK’s ever-evolving consumer protection laws.

The new standards, announced on October 1, will go into effect on October 31, joining changes to the industry-regulating license conditions and codes of practice (LLCP) that were made in August. The ADR enhancements are also largely directed to operators, though consumers are advised to look into the just-announced ADR changes to better understand their rights and responsibilities should a dispute arise.