FanDuel launches sports betting with Alexa

Sports Betting

FanDuel has launched a new football betting integration with Amazon Alexa called FanDuel: Pick 6. Fans who own an Amazon Echo can talk to Alexa to make predictions on six questions about every Sunday night and Monday night NFL game this season.

The prediction-based contests are exclusively available to owners of an Amazon Echo smart speaker device. Users who guess correctly will be entered into the Alexa Pick 6 $1K Free Play contest on The contest launched last weekend, and included the Chiefs v. Broncos Monday Night Football game.

Participants must make their SNF and MNF picks every Sunday and Monday before 8 p.m. ET and are able to open the app for live updates on their score and prediction outlook. Additional features include scouting reports and weather updates for upcoming games, and post-game performance recaps. Users can also play football trivia questions every day of the week to tune up, and access hidden features.

Before the start of the 2018 NFL season, CBS Sports debuted Google Assistant voice-enabled features that provide draft advice to fantasy football players. Google Assistant is a rival to the Alexa-powered Amazon Echo speaker. In the past, Alexa has hosted an MLB trivia game and partnered with the NBA to allow fans to vote players into the All-Star game.

Nearly one in five U.S. adults have access to a smart speaker according to Voicebot’s March 2018 survey. The report also claims Amazon controls the market with a 71.9 percent share of smart speakers sold.