GIG granted permission for B2B sports betting in the UK

Business News

GiG has been granted permission to offer its sports betting services under the B2B licence from the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC).

The licence complements GiG’s existing software and B2C licence in the UK. It will enable the Company to offer its new sports betting services to its existing white label customers as well as external brands operating in the UK market.

GiG’s sports betting portfolio consists of three modules which can be integrated as standalone products or bundled together with GIG Core for a complete solution.

These include, GiG Sports Connect – Proprietary odds and aggregated odds and data service, GiG Trader – State-of-the art trading tools and risk management platform, GiG Goal – Mobile-first front end and middleware solution. will be the first of GiG’s internal operators to use the company’s sportsbook products and offering in the UK.