The Administrative Court has approved the Lottery Inspectorate’s application for the award of a penalty and charged Nyheter24 to pay compensation of SEK 100,000. 

In October last year, the injunction came to force when the Supreme Administrative Court decided not to notify Nyheter24 of a trial. However, in a new check in November 2017, it was found that News24 was still engaged in unauthorized gambling linking.

The Lottery Inspectorate then applied for a penalty of SEK 100,000 because Nyheter24 did not comply with the injunction, and now the Administrative Court has approved the Lottery Inspectorate’s application.

This means that Nyheter24 has to be fined 100,000 SEK.

“Of course, we think it is positive that there will be judgments that show that we have interpreted the law correctly. It’s always unfortunate when there are different perceptions of what it’s about, “says My Hamrén, Press Officer at the Lottery Inspectorate, to Dagens Media.

The new game act, which comes into force on January 1, 2019, means that more players can get a license that means they are promoting their products.

My Hamrén emphasizes that, however, it will continue to be prohibited from launching games that are not licensed in Sweden.

“Some players have misunderstood and thought that it will be peace and joy to link to foreign gaming sites within a few months, and it is not. But most likely, many more will get a license and thus be entitled to market in Sweden. Therefore, there will likely also be a greater supply for those who take in the ads than is currently available. In this way there may be a self-recovery of the industry, she continues.

The judgment may, however, be appealed to the Chamber of Commerce in Jönköping.