BBIN supports super team to compete in Macau Grand Prix

Business News

One of the most anticipated international sports event – the 65th Macau Grand Prix – is just around the corner. The city streets will be closed to set up the one of a kind professional street circuit.

Exceptional race car drivers from all over the world gather to take on the street race that is globally known as the toughest of its kind. Car racing fans from around the world will flood in during the racing event on November 15th -18th. With numerous fans paying a visit to Macau for the race, the number of daily spectators is expected to exceed 30 thousand. They will be coming to witness the Macau Grand Prix, the only one that features spectacular races such as Formula 3, the touring car race, motorcycle race, and all-star race, all at the same time.

BBIN has been actively engaging in charitable and other important international events for many years, such as inviting one of the world top 100 DJs to work with the company in holding a TheGamingBeat charitable music event, and supporting the number one football team of Bundesliga, Dortmund. BBIN also supports the first-place winning team of the 2018 Formula 3 European Championships, Theodore Racing, at global events.

The world-famous Formula race of Macau Grand Prix this year will not be missed out. BBIN continues to team up with the FIA F3 Championship super team and give its full support. The top drivers at Theodore Racing will aim for the highest spot of the podium at the unmissable top global car racing event, in which many legendary race car drivers have participated.

BBIN looks forward to seeing its partner, Theodore Racing, triumph at the Macau Grand Prix and set new winning record.