The Canadian Gaming Association Welcomes NHL Partnership on Sports Betting

Business News

The Canadian Gaming Association welcomes the announcement by the National Hockey League on its first sports betting partnership with MGM Resorts International.

The NHL’s decision to establish this partnership with the gaming industry in the United States will bring an exciting new level of engagement for NHL fans both in arenas and casino sports books across America.

The CGA welcomes this partnership and invites the NHL to work with Canada’s gaming industry to bring about the legislative changes necessary to offer this same level fan experience to CanadaCanada has had legal parlay sports wagering for decades. To remove the prohibition on single-event wagering, a simple amendment to repeal paragraph 207(4)(b) of the Criminal Code is required.

Canadians are without question the world’s most passionate hockey fans and want new ways to engage with their favourite sport. By working cooperatively with Canada’s gaming industry, the NHL can make single-event sports wagering a reality for Canadian hockey fans.

“This is an excellent example of the type of relationship the Canadian gaming industry is looking for with professional sports leagues”, said Paul Burns, President & CEO of the CGA. “We know that Canadians enjoy single-event sports betting because they are wagering approximately $14 billion annually through illegal channels.  We invite the NHL to work with our gaming industry to bring about the changes required to realize the full economic potential of single-event sports wagering in Canada – and give Canadian fans the same experience as their US counterparts.”