GIG posts strong 3rd-quarter earnings

Business News

Gaming Innovation Group reports EUR 37.3 million in revenues in Q3 2018, a 21% increase over Q3 2017. EBITDA for Q3 2018 was EUR 5.0 million, a 66% increase over Q3 2017.

“In the third quarter, we have delivered the last building blocks to our ecosystem, our own games and omni-channel solution, to cover all verticals in iGaming.

We have created a base from where now, with full force, we can drive forward as the full service provider which every company serious about iGaming must be part of. GiG sees strong interest for its services and products with an increasingly healthy pipeline of opportunities”, says Robin Reed, CEO of GiG.

Operating revenues of EUR 37.3 (30.8) m, up by 21% from Q3 2017, EBITDA of EUR 5.0 (3.0) m, an increase of 66% from Q3 2017, B2B revenues of EUR 15.4 (11.6) m, up by 33% from Q3 2017, B2C revenues of EUR 24.4 (21.9) m, up by 11% from Q3 2017, Marketing expenses of EUR 10.6 (11.9) m, 29% of total revenues, down from 39% in Q3 2017.