GiG signs Swedish artist, Erik Segerstedt, for audio collaboration agreement with GiG Games

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Gaming Innovation Group has signed an agreement with Swedish artist Erik Segerstedt, who  will deliver all audio for the upcoming game ‘Popstar’ which is being built by GiG’s in-house casino games developer, GiG Games.

‘Popstar’ is planned to be released in H1 2019 across all markets where GiG Games has a presence.

Mathias Larsson, Managing Director of GiG Games, says: “We are very excited about this agreement as it is the first time in our industry where a renowned artist has been involved from day one to compose audio for a game. Erik will create all audio for the game ‘Popstar’ which include computer sound generated effects, background music and much more. On top of that, GiG has taken a stake in the upcoming album from Erik which will be released simultaneously with the game launch.”

Artist, Erik Segerstedt, says: “I am very excited about this opportunity. I am used to co-working with record labels, however this is a totally new experience for me. Making sounds and effects for the game is very inspiring and I believe my expertise and experience as an artist will bring a new dimension to the game ‘Popstar’.”

Carlos Barth, CEO of Summit Music Management says: “This is the start of a revolution in the music industry where partners of an artist are going to be backing an album instead of a record company. These collaborations are going to support bringing new music to the audience as the business model is not  limited as it was before. Now, we can be more flexible in finding ways to ensure both partners reach a successful result.’”

Popstar’ will be released in H1 2019 across all markets where GiG Games has a presence.