Gambling companies agree ban on TV ads during live sport

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BBC Sport report the Remote Gambling Association (RGA), which includes top firms such as Bet365, Ladbrokes and Paddy Power, will stop adverts during live sports broadcasts.

The move follows intense pressure about the level of betting advertising on television – especially during matches.

More than 90 minutes of betting-related adverts were aired during the World Cup, with anti-gambling campaigners saying sport’s use of adverts “normalises” betting.

The rule would include any game which starts prior to the 9pm watershed but ends after that time.

It means fans may have to get used to not seeing the likes of Bet365’s in-play advertisements with Ray Winstone, as well as other teasers shown predominately during half time enticing supporters to bet throughout the game.

Gambling Commission spokesperson told Sky News: “We understand that options for enhancing the Gambling Industry Code for Socially Responsible Advertising are currently under review.

“We would welcome any steps to address public concerns about gambling advertising.

“Last month we brought together senior leaders from over 100 gambling companies to look at how they can work together to make gambling fairer and safer, including considering the approach they take to advertising.

“We look forward to hearing about the industry’s plans.”