Bethard teams up with The Swedish Gambling Association

Business News

Bethard has been appointed membership in the Swedish Gambling Association, SPER. The membership means that Bethard commits to SPER’s work to create a safer and more sustainable gambling industry.

The application to join SPER is yet another signal that Bethard wants to step up its game in terms of responsible gaming. With a clear vision to become one of Europe’s leading betting operators, the company is firmly dedicated to continue to develop its offering within safe and responsible gaming.

“When we do something, we always give it a 100%”, says Erik Skarp, CEO and founder of Bethard Group. “We have very strict demands on ourselves when it comes to delivering on responsible gaming. That we now get the opportunity to contribute and challenge through our membership in SPER feels very good. At the same time we need to stay humble to the fact that we are not in any way perfect. We still have a lot to improve and our ambition is to learn from the best. We see that we can draw a lot of good knowledge from the competence and experience that SPER possess”

“Bethard’s ambition to strive for leadership within responsible gaming is very positive and brave. We are more than happy to help to contribute to that effort”, says Jenny Nilzon,CEO of SPER.