BETR releases new app design with fresh interface and simple navigation

Sports Betting

BETR, a Blockchain-based, decentralised suite of applications which enable peer-to-peer sports betting, has released a new client version of their sports odds web app. Users can bet against one another using the BETR token which is available on major cryptocurrency exchanges.

In June 2018, just four months after the close of the company’s Initial Coin Offering (ICO), and in time for the FIFA World Cup, the BETR team released the initial version of the unique system, providing one of the very first mechanisms for two parties to bet with one another on blockchain, using BETR and secure smart contracts.

Since then, more sports and functionality has been added including in-play betting and enhanced wallet features. Keen to respond to user feedback on the design and user experience of the apps, BETR continued development on a new release of the web app with enhanced features.

The clean fresh interface takes into account suggestions from users and focusses on simplifying navigation, improving flow and delivering a more vibrant look.  With a user interface that will be more familiar to traditional sportsbook users, the new BETR sports odds app aims to increase the player base and also encourage more adoption by layers (taking the other side of each bet).

CEO, Adriaan Brink said, “Coming out of the ICO in early February, we had to focus on functionality and core systems efficiency.  The challenges of managing latency and scaling, particularly for in-play odds, are formidable but the distributed systems are now solid and performant.  Once we had the underlying systems and APIs working efficiently, we could turn our attention to design and UX.  We love the new look and the simplicity of the user interface and we are in talks with sportsbooks to come on board to support the lay side.”

BETR has also developed and launched a unique new app, @TheBETRBot on Telegram messenger. TheBETRBot is a simple, fast and fun way to use BETR tokens to place peer-to-peer bets on Telegram. It has been developed via the open API from Telegram and integrating the BETR applications using the standard BETR API which is publicly available and free for any third parties to use.

TheBETRBot has its own set of commands and features that allow users to have a conversation with the betting system in a straightforward, easy to use format with minimal clicks and typing. Each command, or button, is a self-explanatory call to action producing a menu driven conversation.

The user can choose which sport and league to follow, as well as view upcoming games and instantly bet peer-to-peer against any of the available lays. In addition, it provides a great example of how the BETR system is designed to be used, adding disparate interfaces on top of the core API building blocks.  Remaining true to the original intent, BETR provides a decentralised, distributed model, which provides access to peer-to-peer betting on blockchain.