Gauselmann launches takeover bid for Totolotek

Business News

The Gauselmann Group wants to enter the Polish bookmaking market, buying Totolotka.

The Office of Competition and Consumer Protection informed that it received an application for the takeover of control over Totolotek SA. The application is submitted by XTIP Polska.

The application was received on December 14, and the case – as the UOKiK acknowledges – is pending.

“The planned concentration consists in the acquisition by XTIP Polska sp. Z oo- o sole control over Totolotek SA” – we read in the communiqué. XTIP Polska is a joint venture of Merkur Sportwetten GmbH (Gauselmann Group) and TMT Investments SA,

The Gauselmann Group was founded by Paul Gauselmann and is managed by his family. In addition to the design, production and sale of gaming machines and money management systems, the Gauselmann Group also operates a network of Casino Merkur-Spielothek stores. The Gauselmann Group is also active in many other market segments, such as sports betting, online games and casinos.

TMT Investments is a professional investment and consulting company with a number of investments in Poland.

Totolotek is a licensed mutual betting operator in Poland, providing online services and in stationary outlets, including: sports bets and animal competition bets.

Totolotek is controlled by Intralot SA, a Greek company listed on the Athens Stock Exchange, which is a lottery partner worldwide, as well as a licensed organizer of games and mutual wagering.