GVC Continues Responsible Gambling Drive with EPIC Risk Management

Business News

GVC Holdings has signed a multi-year agreement with EPIC Risk Management (“EPIC”), the leading independent gambling harm minimisation consultancy in the UK. 

Under the terms of the agreement EPIC will advise GVC and deliver training to Group employees across three key areas:

Strategic advice on GVCs RG strategy, with a focus on identifying the best approach when interacting with customers who show signs of problem gambling.

Delivery of responsible gambling workshops across the highest risk populations including selected charitable partners in the field of problem gambling support.

Delivery of the world’s largest face-to-face gambling awareness and education programme for school children.  GVC’s support for EPIC will see them deliver courses to at least 12,000 school children, across 100 UK state schools over the next two years with the aim of enabling them to make more informed decisions around gambling upon reaching the age of 18. The programme will be independently evaluated by a leading UK University.

Within these areas, EPIC will provide services including, key case reviews, policy development, executive support and education.

Commenting on the announcement, Grainne Hurst, GVC’s Director of Responsible Gambling said:

“We are delighted to be working with EPIC and to be able to utilise their expertise to help us to deliver an industry-leading approach to all aspects of responsible gambling. This agreement supports our commitment to create the safest gaming environment for our customers, employees and wider society, including young people.”

Paul Buck, Chief Executive of EPIC Risk Management added:

“EPIC are committed to reducing gambling related harm and helping to advise and educate organisations in the highest risk sectors in how to pro-actively make gambling safer and fairer for all, especially young people. We welcome the opportunity to work with GVC as they aspire to improve standards around responsible gambling and provide a safer environment for their customers and their employees.”

Today’s announcement is the latest in a series of initiatives undertaken by GVC in 2018 under its new Fair Play CSR strategy which comprises three principal pillars; Responsible Gambling, Responsible Employer and Responsible Communities. Under each of these pillars the Group have rolled-out a number of policies: