LeoVegas launches Swish in Swedish market

Business News

LeoVegas is today launching Swish for the Swedish market on leovegas.com. Swish is currently Sweden’s most popular and highly used payment service and is regularly used by 6.7 million Swedes.

With the launch of Swish, LeoVegas’ transaction costs in the Swedish market are expected to decrease significantly.

The re-regulation of the Swedish gambling market on 1 January allows LeoVegas to work more closely with banks and popular local payment services such as Swish. This new payment service both strengthens the offering and will contribute to further cost efficiency for LeoVegas.

“Today Swish has 6.7 million users and 180,000 connected businesses. We are super pleased with our continued growth and that Swish is now being offered as a payment method on a growing number of platforms,” comments Anna-Lena Wretman, CEO of Getswish AB, the company that owns the payment service Swish.

“LeoVegas’ goal is to offer the ultimate gaming experience for our customers, and we are now making this even better with the launch of Sweden’s fastest deposit method via Swish. Faster than this, you cannot make your payments and we are living up to our epithet: ‘lightning-fast deposits’. In addition, customers are securely identified via BankID. The fact that 63% of all Swedes use Swish every week shows how popular Swish is, and it is therefore extra exciting that LeoVegas is now offering the favourite way of making payments in Sweden. Our teams have worked intensively to be able to launch immediately after the turn of the year. That we are also lowering our transaction costs makes this a win-win arrangement and exemplifies the new opportunities for LeoVegas in the Swedish market,” comments Gustaf Hagman, LeoVegas’ Group CEO.