Sportradar’s German Data Production Unit Receives re-certification for ISO 9001:2015 from TÜV Thuringia

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Sportradar, the global leader in analyzing and leveraging the power of sports data, today announced that its German data production unit has received re-certification for the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) norm 9001:2015 from TÜV Thuringia.

To meet this new standard, an organization is required to display more rigorous commitments to modern guidelines.

The unit has been ISO-certified, without interruption, since January 2014 across Production, Support and Security Services. The latest audit proved that the Quality Management System (QMS) of Sportradar’s German production unit that delivers Pre-Match Odds Service, Live Services and Statistics data matches the ISO norm 9001:2015.

It signifies Sportradar’s dedicated approach to integrity across its services, with quality management applied to everything from recruitment to live coverage of a sporting match. This includes detailed processes and ongoing training to ensure setting of fixtures and gathering of data, for example, is as precise as possible. These are important measures as quality continues to be a major factor in today’s markets with customers requiring fast, efficient and accurate data.

“This certification reinforces Sportradar’s never-ending commitment to the highest standards of quality and customer service, which no other company in sports data or betting possesses,” said Mark Mittasch, Sportradar’s Managing Director, Operations. “It also signals our resilience and the value we place on constantly evolving and ensuring that the processes we implement benefit everyone we work with, whether it’s our customers or within Sportradar.”