Kindred takes next step towards global datacentre solution

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Kindred Group has taken a significant step closer towards creating a truly global online gambling platform by deploying CockroachDB, the world’s first open source, cloud-native NewSQL database with multi-active capabilities. Once fully deployed, Kindred will significantly improve the customer experience across all markets and brands.

Kindred Group (previously Unibet Group) has worked closely with Cockroach Labs, the company behind CockroachDB, over the past two years to develop a single, globally geo-distributed platform based on multi‑active datacentres. The first steps of deploying the solution have now been launched with great results.

The solution provided will allow Kindred to improve its resilience towards datacentre failures, as well as seamlessly scale its platform across markets and brands. Being able to set up new datacentres closer to customers will not only significantly improve the gambling experience, but also provide Kindred with the flexibility required in an ever more complex compliance environment.

“Kindred has thanks to the collaboration with Cockroach Labs once again raised the bar on technological advancement in the gambling sector. We are very excited to see this unique solution implemented on our platform and look forward to reaping the benefits in terms of improved customer experience, resilience and efficiency”, says Marcus Smedman, CTO at Kindred Group.

As Kindred expands it operations across new markets such as the US and continues to grow its market share in current markets, the platform must manage an increased workload compared to today. With the current solution this is challenging, but the multi-active datacentre significantly improves Kindred’s ability to expand its capability.

“We already manage on average 30 million transactions per day on our platform, which is comparable to companies such as PayPal. What we are currently building will allow us to grow faster and in a sustainable way across the world”, adds Hans Åkesson, Head of Architecture. “We also know that other companies are looking at this set up but as far as we understand, they have not come as far as we have”.

Multi-active datacentres are common amongst global enterprises such as Google, Amazon, Netflix, Facebook, LinkedIn and others. Through Cockroach Labs, other companies such as Baidu, Bose, Tierion and MetroNOM are expanding their platforms to gain similar capabilities and business benefits.