STS begin foreign expansion

Business News

STS is opening to foreign markets. After success in poland, it launched its portals for more than a dozen countries, among them are the United Kingdom, Germany, Norway and Iceland.

From today, we are starting to operate in Europe. This is the beginning of our expansion. This is the most important moment in my lifetime career – said the president of STS, Mateusz Juroszek.

We have ambition to grow. We work with companies from many countries. They asked why we would not go further. My father taught me to tread on the ground. That’s why we had to do analysis and research. Indicate your advantages and disadvantages. We came to the conclusion that in the past everyone as a teenager went to STS.

That is why we meet them. They are our countrymen who immigrated to various places in the world. For example, 80% of Poles want to stay in Great Britain, which fits perfectly into our project. They were not afraid to leave and we also with courage want to move with expansion. Hence the name “Brave win”. There are Polish stores abroad, Polish beer and now people will be able to bet on the Polish bookmaker. We plan to open ourselves to Italy, Spain and the USA. Our dream is to become a global company.