Another strong year for

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Due to the successful acquisition of new customers and the reactivation of existing customers, the AG Group was able to further strengthen its presence and brand awareness in the European core markets in the financial year 2018.

As a result, the group achieved the highest betting and gaming volume in the history of at a level of EUR 3,188.0 million. In addition, the gross betting and gaming revenue increased again in the fourth quarter of 2018 to EUR 39.1 million compared to the previous periods (Q1 2018: EUR 33.2 million, Q2 2018: EUR 33.4 million, Q3 2018: EUR 37.6 million). Thus, the accumulated gross betting and gaming revenue for the financial year 2018 reached EUR 143.4 million (FY 2017: EUR 145.4 million).

Betting fees and gambling levies in the financial year 2018 amounted to EUR 21.0 million (FY 2017: EUR 18.8 million). The VAT regulations for suppliers of electronic services within the European Union led to a negative impact on earnings in the amount of EUR 7.3 million in the financial year 2018 (FY 2017: EUR 8.8 million).

The net betting and gaming revenue in the financial year 2018 therefore resulted in EUR 115.1 million (FY 2017: EUR 117.8 million).

In the course of the Football World Cup in Russia from 14 June to 15 July, was increasingly present from May 2018 through international advertising campaigns in the form of TV spots, print advertisement and online media as well as a comprehensive and customer-friendly bonus campaign throughout its European core markets. A major event of this magnitude has always been the ideal time for to increase brand awareness and the number of registered customers.

Marketing expenses in the financial year 2018 were at EUR 38.3 million (FY 2017: EUR 42.0 million), with the marketing focus being set at EUR 13.5 million in the second quarter of 2018 due to the major sporting event. As at 31 December 2018, AG group had more than 5.0 million registered customers (31 December 2017: 4.8 million).

Taking into account the equity-reducing distribution of a dividend in May 2018 in the amount of EUR 52.6 million – thus EUR 7.50 per share – the consolidated group equity as of 31 December 2018 amounted to EUR 69.3 million (31 December 2017: EUR 89.3 million). This resulted in a consolidated equity ratio of 67.0% as of the reporting date (31 December 2017: 71.7%).

The AG Group also held liquid funds and short-term time deposits in the amount of EUR 78.3 million as of 31 December 2018 (31 December 2017: EUR 101.8 million).