The biggest Cybersports tournament in Ukraine is with the 1,000,000 UAH prize pool

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Cybersport is a competitive character that certain computer games have acquired, which became a full-fledged independent industry.

At the moment, there are competent companies, that exclusively invest in this kind of sport. Today, cybersport develops both at the professional and amateur levels.

SoftConstruct operates in Ukraine starting from 2015, developing rapidly enough and currently, we are planning about three years of cooperation with the Ukrainian Cybersports Federation.

The first cybersports tournament of this scale in Ukraine will be sponsored by SoftConstruct. An exceptional feature of this tournament is not only its scale but 1,000,000 UAH prize pool, which will be shared in accordance with the tournament regulation, shared prior to the tournament.

Cybersports Ukrainian Tournament of Dota 2 and CS:GO, currently have over 7000 participants and the results will take not less than 6 months.

For SoftConstruct, cybersport is not just computer gaming. It’s a space for analytical mindset development. SoftConstruct aims to help industry beginners to take their next step by developing a unique platform for Ukrainian cyber-sportsmen. Within this infrastructure, each level of players will have an opportunity to join the community, find new contacts, create groups and participate in daily, weekly, monthly tournaments.