Set the Juice Loose in FRUIT BAT CRAZY


Prepare your players for an explosion of fruity flavour when Betsoft Gaming sets the juice loose with its latest standout slot game, Fruit Bat Crazy.

A new take on traditional cascading games, Fruit Bat Crazy allows players to build delicious combinations before smashing them in a single, seriously succulent splat.  In Fruit Bat Crazy, clusters of low-paying symbols always pop first, and symbols collapse on a combo-by-combo basis – so small wins will trigger their own cascades before big wins are calculated, increasing the chances of a deluge of delicious fruit.

The cheeky creature that gives Fruit Bat Crazy its name is not alone; when three or more bat symbols appear at once, a whole flock will descend from the trees and gorge themselves over 10 or more free falls.  As part of Betsoft’s commitment to player choice, players can buy into free falls at any time, and the reels contain a special coin symbol that tracks across play sessions and can cut the buy-in cost to zero if enough are accrued over time.

“With Fruit Bat Crazy, our objective was to bring the unmistakeable Betsoft touch to what looks, on the surface, like a traditional slot game,” explains Annamaria Anastasi, Marketing Director.  “From its loveable central character and exaggerated artwork to its innovative approach to combinations and cascades, Fruit Bat Crazy is an all-new experience that will excite and engage both new audiences and seasoned players.”

Fruit Bat Crazy is the latest game to be built in Betsoft’s single-core, cross-platform SHIFT development environment.  Now in its second milestone version, SHIFT 2.0 guarantees that the same great gameplay reaches players on desktop and mobile.  New optimisations also offer smart asset and sound quality switching for an even smoother experience – whatever the player’s bandwidth or device processing power.