Optimizer Invest Launches Skilling – Aims to Revolutionize Trading Online

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The new Forex and CFD platform is Optimizer Invest’s largest startup venture ever.

Skilling is a completely new type of software and service that will make it easier for anyone who wants to trade in forex, crypto currency, indexes, stocks and commodities. The CEO of the company is Anders Berglund, former CEO of Google Sweden.

The service is primarily aimed at users who have prior knowledge of trading in financial instruments, but also open up for those who are interested in learning more.

Skilling manages trading in both forex and CFDs (Contracts for Difference). The advantage of CFDs is that they can be traded quickly and are very accessible. In addition, it is possible to create profits even when the price of a stock, currency or commodity falls.

Petter Moldenius, CEO of Optimizer Invest, comments: “The idea behind Skilling is to simplify and improve a trading niche that we believed was too complicated. We have spent a significant amount of time to analyze, design and build this technical platform. Time has now come to launch. It is our biggest startup venture ever, and our hope is that it will get more people to discover the opportunities with trading.”

Anders Berglund, CEO of Skilling, comments: “Our mission is to make trading simple and accessible, and everything we have built so far has been directed towards that goal. We want to increase accessibility to the world financial markets by combining our user-friendly trading platform with training materials that enable users to continually improve their knowledge and develop as a trader, in simple terms, we want to make trading simple.”

The Skilling Group is run by an organization of about 35 people based in Malta, Cyprus and Spain. In the first phase, Skilling’s platform is launched in Sweden, Norway, Germany and the UK. Further ahead, the plan is to introduce the platform in the rest of Europe, and eventually also globally.