Soar above other slots with Spinfinity man


Annamaria Anastasi Marketing Director Betsoft Gaming.

The world is superhero crazy at the moment, so Spinfinity Man seems perfectly positioned. What can slot players and superhero fans expect when the game releases this spring?

Spinfinity Man willre-invent the concept of superheroes in aunique and mischievous way. This will deliver our most compelling and rich slot gameplay to date. As you might expect from a superhero game, Spinfinity Man is all about big, bold and colourful cascades. It takes everything that defines a Betsoft game – compelling 3D characters, a strong narrative, multiple bonus features, and sticky elements to keep players engaged– and brings them to life in a whole new, heightened way.

The superhero theme also influences every feature of the game – from stamping out street-level crime and earning the grudging respect of the Police Commissioner, to posing for cascade-triggering photos with fans in the base game. When it comes to tracking down the nefarious Mr. X and trying to foil his city-wide masterplan in the high-tension bonus game, Spinfinity Man will leave comic book fans with a knowing smile on their faces, and seasoned slot players with an appetite for more cape-wearing, crime- fighting action!

Obviously the theme is new and very timely, but how does Spinfinity Man stand out from the competition mechanically? Does the game introduce any features that are new to the Betsoft portfolio?

At Betsoft, we’re known for creating games with extremely compelling presentation, backed up by rollercoaster gameplay and the most rigorous mathematics the iGaming industry has to offer. That deep, accessible blend is still as strong as ever with Spinfinity Man, but I believe our artistic and gameplay design teams have truly excelled themselves with this title.

Spinfinity Man contains four different bonus features – each of which has its own unique visual identity, narrative justification, and game-changing impact.

As he solves smaller crimes, Spinfinity Man uses superpowers like laser eye beams, freezing breath, and telepathy to manipulate the playing field and trigger cascades. At the same time, vanquishing criminals earns him the support of the city’s Police Commissioner, whose respect is tracked on a dedicated trail – with set milestones giving players the chance to spin a wheel and earn cash prizes. As our hero cleans up the streets and takes to the skies, he’s hounded by his self-proclaimed ultimate fangirl, who tries to snap a selfie with Spinfinity Man every chance she gets – triggering instant cascades.

The centrepiece of Spinfinity Man is the battle against supervillain Mr. X, who’s forever trying to seize control of the city. When these two titans go head to head, every element that has made Betsoft’s Slots3TM collection so sought-after comes together in a city-shaking climax: Spinfinity Man’s powers are replaced by Mr. X’s underhand tactics, the dynamic music mounts, and a dedicated power gauge awards additional free spins and another chance to fight when it fills.

So while none of the underlying technologies are new to Spinfinity Man, the significant investments we’ve made in innovations like the TRAIL SYSTEM and our industry-beating, cross-platform development environment – all combined in a single experience – mean that Spinfinity Man stands head and shoulders above his rivals.

A lot of big budget superhero films are getting quite dark, whereas Spinfinity Man captures the fun, escapist feeling of the best comics. Was it hard to get that tone right, and did you face any other challenges during development?

The tone came naturally from our vision to both honour the Golden Age of comics and to offer players a fun and frivolous take on common superhero themes; we didn’t face any real challenges in bringing that vision to life. Spinfinity Man himself, his arch-nemesis, the Police Commissioner, and the fangirl are all brought to life with Pixar-quality 3D character designs, and everything from the artwork to the gameplay plays gently on the idea of a hero who’s a little too big for his Spandex boots.

It was important, though, that we didn’t go too far in that direction. While the game is light-hearted, with Spinfinity Man pausing to smooth his cape and fix his hair for photos, players are still in for a wild ride as he solves everyday crime, protects the downtrodden, and fights to stop the evil Mr. X’s masterplan to take over Metropolis.

We’ve established that Spinfinity Man is a feature-rich game, even by Betsoft’s already sky-high standards, but is there a single element of the game you expect to capture players more than the others?

The real draw of Spinfinity Man comes from its combination of features. From the game powers – which appear as animated 2X2 symbols – to the surly Police Commissioner’s prize wheel Spinfinity Man is constantly fast-paced and captivating. On top of that, a double-up game allows players to bet the city’s fate on a coin toss, while our signature feature-buy-in mechanic that tracks across play sessions will keep players coming back for a new chapter in the hero’s life, and a new chance to stop Mr. X once and for all.

More than anything else, though, the aspect of Spinfinity Man we are most proud of is its status as a universal game. Everything we’ve spoken about here – from 3D characters to dynamic music, base game powers to bonus rounds – is available on any device, with absolutely no corners cut. No matter whether players visit Metropolis on desktop or mobile, Spinfinity Man will soar above other slots.