It’s all in the data


Simon Lidzén, co-founder and CEO of FAST TRACK talks about how online casino marketers can better use data to deliver a truly tailored and individual player experience.

For some time now, online casino operators and their marketers have understood that data is the most valuable commodity when it comes to acquiring and retaining players.

The majority of operators now gather large volumes of information on the consumers that sign up for, deposit into and play at their casino brands and sites.

But with so much data to work with, it could be argued that marketers have become a little overwhelmed and are not using the valuable insight available to its full potential.

Below, I will touch on the most important information that operators can gather on players and how that information can be effectively segmented and analysed.

· Player info (name, age, address, etc)

· Player activity (log-in, deposit, withdraw, tournament entered, big win, etc)

· Game information (jackpot levels, favourite games, etc)

· Information outside of the casino ecosystem (weather, sports, news, etc)

Once this data has been gathered, it is imperative that it is segmented and most importantly into categories that are relevant.

Not only that, but marketers must be able to be there as and when the data feeds in, and this means being able to access and monitor information in real time.

This is critical for online casino brands wanting to be relevant, achieve higher conversion and improve their players gaming experience.

Just think of the tremendous opportunities available to marketers if they are able to react instantly to a player that has just landed an epic win.

The same applies to a player that has just levelled up within the online casino brand’s loyalty scheme or a player depositing via PayPal for the first time.

By being there in real time it is possible to react to the player’s activity instantly and deliver a truly personalised experience for them.

Data that has been properly gathered, segmented and analysed can also be used to inform key decisions about players and their experience at the casino. It can also be used to help protect players.

Information can be used to deep dive into previous activity on an individual level and from this develop patterns of behaviour to predict future player value.

For example, if you know from an early stage that a player will, in all likelihood, become a VIP you can incentivise and reward their behaviour in different ways to standard players.

Again, it is about treating each player in a unique and tailored way based on their playing habits and behaviours and their wants and needs.

At the moment, online casino marketers – on the whole – are not doing this and are making some basic mistakes when it comes to data.

These are:

·       Not being able to act on data in real time

·       Having insufficient events to understand players

·       Losing relevancy through lack of segmentation capabilities

Some of this is down to the platforms and tools that online casino marketers use to gather, segment, analyse and act upon data.

In our experience, most of these platforms do not work in real time and do little to overcome challenges relating to relevant segmentation, testing and multi-lingual campaigns.

But some of it is also due to online casino marketers not spending enough time planning their CRM strategies and analysing the data they are generating.

This can all be avoided through having an efficient workflow, which in turn gives you the time to focus on planning and analysis.

In reality, to succeed online casino operators must provide their CRM teams with the most powerful CRM platforms and the teams themselves must up their game.

Data is one of the most, if not the most, important factors in allowing online casino brands to deliver a truly personalised experience to their players.

The operators and marketers that understand this will be on a fast track to acquiring new players and also fostering incredible loyalty and retention.