Scout Gaming signs agreement with FDJ

Fantasy Sports

Scout Gaming has entered into an agreement with Française des Jeux (FDJ) that stipulates a co-offering as well as an integration towards each other’s technical platform.

FDJ is the national lottery and the French leader in gambling and entertainment, the #2 Lottery in Europe and #4 worldwide. In 2018, from 25 million players, with more than 30,000 points of sale and 2,300 employees, FDJ collected €15.8 bn in stakes, 15% of which were digital.

The agreement is conducted with FDJ Gaming Solutions, which is the innovation and technology hub of Française des Jeux. In connection to a fully launched co-offering with FDJ, Scout Gaming explores the opportunity to widen its product offering to include the retail market.

“I’m very pleased to enter into this agreement. FDJ is a leading WLA operator and one of the dominating gaming companies in the world. This agreement should be looked upon as groundbreaking for Scout Gaming”, comments Scout Gaming’s CEO, Andreas Ternstrom.

Due to the uncertain timetable, Scout Gaming is unable to guide on what impact, if any, the agreement will have on its 2019 revenues, however, the agreement is expected to generate material income in future years. Scout Gaming’s long-term revenue is dependent on how many customers playing Scout Gaming games, and to what extent these players will use the products.