Unibet signs agreement with HockeyAllsvenskan


Just under a year ago, Kindred Group signed a historic agreement with Svensk Elitfootboll which means that Unibet will be the main sponsor of Allsvenskan and Superettan from 2020.

Kindred now continues the investment in Swedish sport and writes a main sponsor agreement between HockeyAllsvenskan and Unibet.

Hockey Allsvenskan describes itself as “the challenge league – the Swedish people’s league” and this is something we recognize very much in. We know the genuine commitment and struggle that lies behind the league’s success. Now we want to contribute to raising the economic and sporting conditions for Hockeyallsvenskan. Unibet has for 20 years been striving to have the opportunity to contribute to the development of Swedish sports. We are proud and happy to be Hockeyallsvenskan’s main sponsor, ”says Dersim Sylwan, General Manager Sweden for Kindred Group.

HockeyAllsvenskan is Sweden’s third largest sports club with 14 teams in 14 cities and a total audience of over one million people. All 52 rounds are broadcast in C More. Unibet’s main sponsor agreement with HockeyAllsvenskan is over two years with the possibility of one year’s extension. Among other things, SEK 3 million is allocated to support CSR-related projects among the clubs and targeted efforts to counter match fixing and unhealthy gaming.

It feels great to welcome Unibet to Hockey Allsvenskan. We look forward to working with Unibet to develop a sustainable, open and inclusive hockey experience that creates more emotions for more people. Above all, for all our supporters and our audience who are the most important to us. The collaboration makes us all stronger and will, in the short and long term, make Hockey Allsvenskan and the clubs better, ”says Gabriel Niklasson, commercial manager at HockeyAllsvenskan.

It is very gratifying that a company like Unibet with its resources and its brand chooses to enter into partnership with us. This means that we can with great confidence plan and develop for the future, ”says Stephan Guiance, CEO of HockeyAllsvenskan.

The Unibet Ambassador, the NHL and the national team goalkeeper, Henrik Lundqvist, is pleased to announce that HockeyAllsvenskan now gets a new main sponsor:

Hockey Allsvenskan is a league that holds very high class and means a lot to especially young players. I had the opportunity to play in the league during the early 2000s and remember that fast and entertaining hockey was played. The fact that Unibet is now entering as the main sponsor of the Swedish people’s league shows that they mean seriousness when they say they want to participate and build Swedish sports.

The agreement with Hockey Allsvenskan is a part of Unibet’s long-term strategy for returning to sports and association life. It is about sponsoring the big leagues such as Allsvenskan, Superettan and HockeyAllsvenskan and about implementing initiatives at the grassroots level, for example the “30/30-fund” together with Henrik Lundqvist and “Fan of the Year” together with Glenn Hysén. Another example is the “Unibet 2: an” – a long-term project to put the spotlight on Swedish division 2 football launched by Unibet in 2003.