Dutch Gaming Authority fines operator €270,000

Business News

The Dutch Gaming Authority (Ksa) has imposed a fine of 270,000 euros on Simbat Entertainment Systems Limited for offering online games of chance. In the same case, a fine of 100,000 euros was imposed on Spinity Limited for the so-called promotion of participation in Simbat games of chance.

The fine for Simbat was imposed because the company offered games of chance via at least eleven different websites. Spinity acted as a ‘promotional agent’ for Simbat and was guilty of – in short – promoting Simbat’s gambling games. The decision against Simbat and Spinity was taken by the Ksa in July 2017. The parties objected to both the decision and the disclosure. The Court of The Hague ruled on this on 6 June: the claim was not honored. For that reason, the Ksa can only now publish the decision on Simbat and Spinity.

The Gaming Authority takes action against online gambling. Under current law, it is not possible to obtain a license to offer online games of chance. That means that offering online games of chance is by definition illegal. Advertising of online games of chance is also not allowed. Participants in online gambling are not protected; it is not possible to check the fairness of the game and the exclusion of minors. It is also not possible to check whether gambling addiction is prevented.