Oregon Lottery launch sports betting with SBTech


Q&A with SBTech CEO Richard Carter.

SBTech was recently awarded the Oregon Lottery contract for sports betting. Would this be a landmark deal?

Yes, absolutely. Oregon will be the first state in the US (with the exception of the District of Columbia) to have a full-scale rollout of on-line and retail sports betting through the Lottery. In a state with a population of over 4 million, the Oregon Lottery will be one of the single largest operators in a state to date. We are honored to have been selected as the Oregon Lottery’s partner – while we have several lottery partners globally, the Oregon Lottery is our first US lottery partner and we look forward to making this partnership a huge success.

SBTech was seen as an attractive provider of sports betting and turnkey services. What sets SBTech apart from the competition? 

SBTech has vast experience in providing omni-channel sports betting and gaming technology to a variety of partners across the globe. What sets us apart is our ability to supply highly flexible betting and gaming solutions to clients looking for exceptional configurability and the quickest route to market, complemented by proven business intelligence and reporting capabilities.

Can we expect SBTech doing more deals with lottery operators in the United States? 

Yes. There are several other states in which lotteries will play a key role sports betting, and their success will be in large part be dependent on having the right partner.  The ideal partner for lotteries will not be a traditional lottery supplier, but a true sports betting provider with deep global expertise in sports betting operations and advanced technology that can quickly and easily be configured and customized to meet the unique needs of lotteries. SBTech is true sports betting company, ideally positioned to help lotteries thrive in this emerging market.

SBTech had to undergo extensive due diligence in order to be awarded the contract. How did you achieve this? 

We are a company that is licensed and regulated in numerous jurisdictions globally, including the U.S. In each of those jurisdictions, as a gambling supplier, we have been subject to extensive due diligence and investigation prior to obtaining our licenses. We understand and respect the need for such extensive vetting in the gambling industry and are happy to fully cooperate with regulators in this regard. This is not unique to us – all licensed suppliers go through similar vetting. It comes with the territory.

The sports betting market is furbishing worldwide with lottery, can you see most operators adding sports book services?  

The industry continues to develop globally and we at SBTech are well positioned for however the industry evolves. Each jurisdiction has a unique gaming landscape and varying gaming stakeholders, which will impact how the industry takes shape in that jurisdiction. At SBTech, we have built a technology platform and sports betting solution that can easily be adapted and customized in all instances to meet our partners’ needs.  This is the reason we have been successful in so many different global jurisdictions, with our partners ranging from casinos to lotteries to world-class horse racing companies.