Svenska Spel supports gambling addiction projects

Business News

The Swedish Games Research Council has granted research funding to five new research projects within gambling addiction. They are allowed to share SEK 5 million.

It is with great pleasure that we have selected projects that have the potential to contribute to increased knowledge about gambling addiction, says Sara Lindholm, Chairman of the Research Council.

A project will map the dependence on elite players in Swedish ice hockey, another will develop a new internet-based treatment for gambling addiction, and a third will investigate the connection between trauma and gambling problems in women. It is three of the five Swedish research projects that will have a share of SEK 5 million, granted by Svenska Spel’s independent Research Council.

– I see that the Research Council’s long-term work to increase knowledge in the area has had an impact in the public debate, it is gratifying, says Sara Lindholm.

Svenska Spel started the Research Council 2010 in order to increase knowledge and understanding of gambling problems and how to best prevent them. The Council consists of experienced researchers and representatives from social interests. They have been commissioned to assess and grant applications for research funding based on scientific quality and societal relevance.

– At Svenska Spel we strive to offer safe games and gaming environments. To be able to develop our gaming responsibility, it is a prerequisite to support the research. Through the Research Council, we want to increase the knowledge and understanding of gambling problems, says Scarlett Roa, Sustainability Manager Svenska Spel.

The research projects will be presented on Research Day , 7 October.