The turning point for EveryMatrix


The year started with the launch of their new esports data services, continued with the finalization of their new sports product and consolidation of business in the casino sector, and by the end of the year, EveryMatrix plans to reveal even more surprises. Recently the company announced the selling of their B2C business to focus exclusively on being a software provider. Ebbe Groes, EveryMatrix CEO, discusses the reasoning behind this move while sharing the company’s plans for the second part of the year. 

Shift of perspective

In the last couple of years, we have recorded remarkable success in bringing onboard large operations by offering specialised casino and sports products. Signing with established operators and provide premium technology to them is key for us. As a result, we decided to retire our white label business and also shut down our B2C existing operations. We are entirely committed to focus on being a true software provider and eliminating other distractions was a straightforward decision.

Our B2C operation was a part of our business since almost the beginning, Jetbull being our brand for a long time. Although operating a B2C brand was an engaging experience, it was never the end goal for us. We are glad we have found the right home for Jetbull with our clients AMGO iGaming AB. Our sole focus is on being a pure software provider now, and this of course, still means licensing, but only as a software provider and not having operator licenses.  

Striking success in the casino business

Last year we launched over 30 new casino clients, including big names such as Norsk Tipping or Tipico. We soon plan to announce the signing of the biggest client yet on our casino platform. In the last six months of 2019, we had the chance to further consolidate our casino business, both in terms of new business and also in product development. 

Recently, we have witnessed how regulatory shifts impact tier-one operators in several markets. Some are struggling to be technically compliant. For example, UK’s Reality Check requirement costs a lot of people a lot of money and time. We developed CasinoEngine so it can take care of this for the operators. They can plug this into their own platform and be compliant. It’s a cool feature to be able to run the entire casino experience off our platform.

Sports product development

Sport is our identity and we have invested many resources in developing our sportsbook over the years. Recently we have finished the rebuild of our new sports product and this enables us to compete even more forcefully in this arena.   

Our back-end has been ready for more than half a year, and we have now migrated the first of our existing clients to a new front-end. This is, of course, an essential part of the user experience.

This sports product is sold both as a turnkey solution and as a stand-alone product. One of the many things we did was integrate it in the same way as our casino. This makes it quite easy for our clients and any of our casino clients can take this product, it has the same API managed by us.  

Launching into Esports

Our esports services rely on the new sports product. We successfully created 150 new markets in a very short time. When we’re out showing off this product, we receive a lot of good feedback thanks to its depth of information. It’s nice to have an esports product to be proud of, but for me it’s been most rewarding to see how we delivered a proven concept in a completely new area to us. We’ve been able to create all those markets, including automatic settlement, and everything you want in a modern sportsbook. It’s a product that really stands out for us.

Luckbox is the first live client for esports, now in the public BETA stage and looking to move forward. What we would like to do next is trying to build a cool front-end as well. Luckbox is a specialist in this, so it’s nice to work with them. They built their own front-end on the back of our sportsbook and offering them flexibility has been a key strategy for us. 

Luckbox is now one of two clients that have our sportsbook but with a completely different front-end. The other one is a company called Bookee that has a swipe, Tinder’esque mobile app that sits on top of our sportsbook. Luckbox and Bookee are completely different but they both showcase bespoke front-ends built by themselves. 

To showcase what we have built there, it would be great to deliver a turnkey-type, ready to deliver front-end for esports. Once we get through the first wave of requests from our clients on the front-end, we’re launching now, that’s what we’ll turn to next.