When it comes to lotteries experience matters


Christian Hellbjer, CEO, Lotto Warehouse.

Lotto Warehouse, part of the The Multi Group, is a B2B lottery whitelabel with years of experience under its belt offering a lottery platform to world-famous brands. Our mission is to continue making lottery betting a major iGaming vertical. 

One of the oldest forms of gambling, the lottery hasn’t really changed much. It is easily the best known and most loved forms of gambling. With roots in Italy back in the times of Augustus Caesar and with lotteries such as the El Gordo running for the past 200 years in the same format, there is no doubt that lotteries are still very much of a favourite around the world. 

Along the years, lotteries have stayed the same and players have been stuck with playing only on those lotteries that are available in their countries. But online operators such as Lotto Warehouse have now started a revolution in order to meet the expectations of today’s players. They took a much loved product and launched it online, breaking down borders and offering players the chance to bet on the outcome of some of the world’s largest lotteries such as Powerball and Mega Millions. 

We are one of the early pioneers to offer a whitelabel lottery product and global brands such as Betsson, Bethard, YoBetIt, Sirplay and many others, have already trusted our expertise to drive increased margins whilst giving their players something they know and enjoy. So why should you add lottery to your offering? 

Lottery offers exceptionally high margins

Operators are free to set their own prices for each product and can look forward to margins that are far higher than those available on sports betting or any other gaming vertical. There is a great opportunity for cross-sell due to the wide-ranging appeal of lotteries allowing you to target your existing players with a product they are already familiar with. 

Ease of use

A growing number of lottery players are choosing to switch to online because of its convenience. No more lost lottery tickets or missed draws. Lottery bets are always handy on a player’s device, win notifications are sent instantly and with features like subscriptions, players can rest assured they will not miss out on any future draws. All this translates to more product loyalty and better retention. 

Jackpot coverage

All higher tier payouts are covered by an innovative jackpot coverage model. All you need to do is advertise the jackpot and we will take care of paying it out. Every aspect of our business needs to adhere to strict standards of both the UKGC and the MGA and this also includes our ability to guarantee operators full protection for the larger payouts. 


When it comes to the implementation, things couldn’t be simpler. Our API integration takes no time at all and will keep your tech guys happy. The product will be streamlined to your branding making sure the player’s customer journey stays the same. You can even use your existing payment providers. 


Lotto Warehouse also allows for the creation of new lotteries to suit your brand. We can create customised lotteries exclusive only to you and your players! All the details will be down to you from jackpot prizes to frequency. 

Not just a niche

Online lotteries are not a niche product anymore. More and more players are looking for online lotteries from their providers. Don’t be left behind. Adding a lottery vertical will ensure players will stay longer on your site. 

Players want choice and they want customization, and Lotto Warehouse offers all that and more. Our exciting portfolio of lottery jackpots offer a wide range of benefits for players and operators. But we also offer many years of expertise. We have worked with countless brands who have successfully implemented lotteries within their product and have already seen positive results.