New STS advertising campaign “You know a lot, you can bet”


STS, the biggest bookmaker in Poland, have launched a new advertising campaign. Its main theme is the agency of players, expressed by the slogan which translates as: “You know a lot, you can bet” (Dobrze wiesz, możesz obstawiać). The creations can be seen on various television, entertainment and digital platforms.

The teaser part of the campaign started on 13th September this year. The full version has been broadcasted since 17th September on TV sports channels, the largest national stations during sports events and on the Internet, i.e. on the largest Polish sports and news portals as well as on Facebook.

At STS we have always focused on people who are passionate about sports, thanks to which they have enough skills to make good bets. Therefore, in our latest advertising campaign we are putting emphasis on the competence and agency of our customers. It is thanks to their knowledge that they can enjoy their winnings. STS, on the other hand, thanks to bonuses,  promotions and a modern mobile phone app, provide customers with the opportunity to test themselves. Moreover, it brings them closer to the increasingly popular form of entertainment, which is sports betting –  Mateusz Juroszek, CEO of STS.

STS are the first bookmaker in Poland to start broadcasting adverts on TV. So far, a number of campaigns have already been implemented in which STS have informed the public about the sponsorship of the Polish National Football Team, Polish sports clubs and supported the development of its mobile phone application.