Brent Scrimshaw steps down as CEO of Atlantic Lottery

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Atlantic Lottery’s President and CEO, Brent Scrimshaw has informed its Board of Directors that he will retire after more than 13 years with the Corporation, eight in its most senior leadership role.  

“Brent has always been firmly committed to operating Atlantic Lottery in a way that reflects the values and priorities of Atlantic Canadians,” said Sean O’Connor, Chair of Atlantic Lottery’s Board of Directors. “Under his leadership, the organization is better positioned to compete in an everchanging global market in a socially responsible way.”

Brent was an early champion of making significant investments in technology to launch a new lottery gaming system, which is now the backbone of Atlantic Lottery’s successful retail and online sales platforms. He directed player-focused strategies that resulted in increased returns to Atlantic Canadians. Despite his many achievements at Atlantic Lottery, he remains proudest of the team he assembled.

“The success we have enjoyed is completely attributable to the skills of the 600 members of of our team.  I will miss their spirit, their commitment to the company and to each other to get the job done.  said Scrimshaw. “I am thankful to the Board of Directors for the opportunity to have led this team of immensely talented professionals throughout the region.”

Atlantic Lottery’s Board is responsible for selecting and appointing the next President and CEO. To that end, it established a CEO Succession Committee – which tasked recruiting firm Boyden’s Canada with identifying potential candidates. The search process will take several months, and Scrimshaw has agreed to stay on as long as necessary to ensure a smooth transition.

“This is an incredibly busy time for Atlantic Lottery,” said Sean O’Connor. “We are grateful that Brent will continue to guide the Corporation’s long-term strategy. We know he has accomplished a lot here, but there is more he still wants to achieve.”