Tipp24 returns to the German lottery exchange


ZEAL Network SE, has transferred the previous second lottery Tipp24 back into the German brokerage business.

Ten years after Tipp24 started the business of the second lottery from Great Britain on the basis of the then, legal ban on the placement of lotteries over the Internet, Tipp24 is now again an official partner of the German Lotto and Totoblock (DLTB) and passes on tickets of the Tipp24 customers directly to the German national lottery companies. “We have implemented, what we have announced: Since today Lotto24 and Tipp24 are reunited in the German brokerage business,” said Dr. med. Helmut Becker, CEO of ZEAL Network SE. 

“We thank the state lotteries and supervisory authorities for their confidence and are convinced that they can lead the German lottery as a partner of the state lotteries into the digital future.” As part of the brokerage activities of the brands Lotto24.de and Tipp24.com or Tipp24.de ZEAL now generates income without own tour operator risk. 

Corresponding customer profits are now guaranteed by the state and are paid out by the state lotteries. In addition, the ZEAL Group, as a lottery broker, supports a large number of charitable projects in the areas of welfare, sports and culture, as well as in heritage preservation and environmental protection in Germany. According to the DLTB in recent years, about 40% of the stake of the state lottery companies flowed as taxes and duties to the common good.