Speedy 7 set to race to the top

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The iGaming industry is moving along at a terrific pace and innovation in a sometimes-saturated marketplace is key to capturing the imagination of the consumers.

BetGames.TV has always been at the forefront of ground-breaking initiatives and the launch of the company’s new game Speedy 7 speaks volumes for their pioneering spirit.

Speedy 7 is in the beta phase of testing and the results are off the charts. The current gaming commerce sector is trying to adapt to exponential growth as service providers strive for synergy, speed, simplicity and providing a wining platform.

Speedy 7 ticks these boxes and offers all the elements required of the modern-day tech-savvy millennial. The set-up, ease-of-use and a draw every two minutes is a perfect opportunity for online betting platforms to maximize bet-activity and provide a world-class gameplay amidst a truly unique concept.

BetGames.TV is an internationally acclaimed supplier of live broadcast games and operates through licensees in more than 40 countries. The live dealer experience is one of a host of reasons that sets the company apart and Speedy 7 encapsulates the thrilling feel of virtual play and reality.

The global outreach is in no small part due to the out-of-the-box concept of live dealers running 24/7 and offering clients hundreds of thousands of daily bets. The format, game variety, win-opportunities and inventive spirit is unparalleled.

“We firmly believe Speedy 7 will become one of our best-selling products due to a range of core industry factors such as speed, fun, simplicity and market appeal,” says BetGames.TV COO Aiste Garneviciene. “Our team of developers, strategists and research analysts have developed one of the most exciting games of the year, and we have no doubt Speedy 7 will become a global sensation.

In a nutshell, Speedy 7 is a card-based game where players must predict whether a card will turn up black or red, with odds set on either outcome. There are seven cards dealt per two-minute draw, with a sequential bonus and jackpot in place for gamers who accurately predict a series of successive picks.

That is how simple the game is, it can be explained in one sentence and BetGames.TV believes this supremely efficient game will have mass global appeal.

The betting industry is rapidly moving towards a cutting-edge stage of multi-media technology, and the mentality of faster, quicker, better has never been more applicable.