iSignthis seeks answers over trading suspension

Business News

Payments provider iSignthis took aim at the ASX today over its ongoing suspension from trade.

The Australian Securities and Investments Commission has confirmed in writing that it did not request the suspension of iSignthis securities.

A written statement from ASIC’s Markets Enforcement desk received by ISX on November 7 states “the decision by ASX to suspend ISX Ltd from trading on 2 October 2019 was not made with a direction from ASIC”.

ISX chief executive John Karantzis said re-quotation of the Company’s securities was now at the discretion of the ASX.

“It has taken us more than a month to get an answer to a simple question about who actually asked for the suspension of ISX shares,” said Mr Karantzis.

The ASX has sent ISX a third round of questions, with responses due on the 15th November 2019.

The Company will provide further updates as details become available.