Scout Gaming revenues rise 125%

Business News

Stockholm listed Scout Gaming increased revenues to mSEK 8.1 (3.6), corresponding to a growth of 125% compared to same quarter last year. EBITDA improved to mSEK -7.9 (-8.7), Net results improved to mSEK -9.5 (-11.9).

During the third quarter, after an initial learning period regarding Scout’s offering, major clients have started to market our products. We have contracted and launched new clients, increased our prize pools and launched new betting related games such as our internal sportsbook, covering fantasy markets. This has resulted in all-time high revenues and improved profitability measures across the border.

Scout’s client activity has increased significantly during the third quarter, which is illustrated by the Scout Gaming operator Index that reached a new all-time high of 900. The index level corresponds to a growth of 94% compared to the same quarter last year, which included activity peaks from the Soccer World Cup.

Scout Gaming launched its first external B2B customer in the third quarter of 2017, with revenues totaling mSEK 1.6. Since then, revenues have increased fivefold as we have launched new customers, larger prize pools and new games. The focus on signing new clients has resulted in a cost level that has induced a trend of increasing losses. This trend has ended during the third quarter. We now expect successively improved earnings going forward. Volatility between quarters may continue to occur as a result of larger customer launches and events but should decrease as the revenue base grows.” said CEO Andreas Ternstrom.