The Betting and Gaming Council launch new ad campaign


As part of a package of Safer Gambling Commitments launched in November 2019, the Betting and Gaming Council announces a new multimedia safer gambling campaign over the festive period. 

The campaign targets young men aged 18-34 who might be at risk of overindulging during the festive period on products, including gambling, by promoting the use of online tools which allow them to set their own limits.

Control is at the heart of safer gambling, and the Limits are Good campaign seeks to activate research insights which indicate that all gamblers set conscious or unconscious limits to their play, with a direct correlation between enjoyable gambling and bets that are made within those boundaries.

Through a series of 20-second digital films and associated content which display humorous but thought-provoking social situations where limits are good, the campaign combines a clear call to action with both the motivation and tools to effect change.

The campaign is being promoted by the Betting and Gaming Council with support from funding partners and other operators.  The campaign will look to promote a number of new limit-setting tools either launched or redesigned by operators in recent months.  Take-up of these tools will be a key element in the campaign tracking, in addition to promoting the messaging on web platforms.

Commenting on the campaign, Brigid Simmonds OBE, Chairman of the Betting and Gaming Council, said: “We set limits on what we do every day and betting and gaming should be no different.  Over the festive period with so many important sporting events, if people wish to have a bet it’s important not to lose track of how long you spend or the amount you have staked.

Commenting on the campaign, Gillian Wilmot said: “This campaign draws on real-life gambling behaviours to promote tools which help gamblers stay within self-determined limits.  Our behavioural research identified that most gamblers maintain a range of informal strategies to maintain control of their gambling.  By formalising limit-setting tools, operators can do more to empower their customers to gamble safely.”