Svenska Spel sponsors Ski Tour 2020


Svenska Spel strengthens the ties to Swedish cross-country skiing by joining as a partner for Ski Tour 2020.

It feels very fun and we are hereby taking another step to strengthen our collaboration with Swedish cross-country skiing, says Nicklas Biverståhl, sponsoring manager at Svenska Spel.

This summer, Svenska Spel became a new presenting partner to the Swedish Ski Association and the cross country team. Now the gaming company is taking another step in its commitment to cross-country skiing.

Cross country skiing is the Swedish people and our customers warmly at heart and millions of TV viewers sit every year, week out and week during the winter, and follow the national team heroes’ deaths in the tracks. Thanks to the partnership with Ski Tour 2020, we are further strengthening the links with skiing and obviously getting good exposure for our brand, says Nicklas Biverståhl.

Ski Tour 2020 is a new Scandinavian competition tour that will be decided in February and will be part of the FIS World Cup 2020. During six racing days, in five different arenas in both Sweden and Norway, several of the world’s best skiers will compete in the cross-country tracks in Östersund, Åre, Storlien, Meråker and Trondheim. The event is supposed to be held every championship-free year.

Getting Svenska Spel on the trip is extra fun considering their attitude to sports and society, says Patrik Svärd, partner manager at Ski Tour 2020.

Ski Tour 2020 is an event that puts sustainability issues in focus, partly because all transport of riders will take place by train. And the investment in sustainability is also important for Svenska Spel.

Ski Tour 2020 has really taken sustainability issues to a new level, and this is something we value highly. During the winter, together with the cross country team, we will be raising the sustainability issues in different channels and therefore it feels extra fun to be a partner to a sporting event where sustainability is the focus, says Nicklas Biverståhl, who also hopes to see some breakthroughs from talented Swedish riders. during the tour.

In our collaboration with the Swedish Ski Association, not only is a focus on the cross country team, but also on the skiers who aim to get there. We hope that someone, or some, from Team Svenska Spel will take further steps during Ski Tour 2020, and maybe we will see a new breakthrough from one of the talents in the development team Team Svenska Spel. It would be fantastic!