X-Bet.co and BUFF.bet merge and fuel eSports betting IPO


The two eSports betting brands are merging due to a signed deal at the end of February between XB Systems, a start-up organization managing X-Bet.co and one of the strongest white labels of UltraPlay – BUFF.bet.  

Since XB Systems operations began in May 2017, the company has grown rapidly within the eSports betting sector under the brand name X-Bet.co. BUFF.bet, on the other hand, is a standalone business affiliated with UltraPlay and powered by its advanced betting solutions. 

For over three years XB Systems has been working closely with its platform provider UltraPlay. The effective management team of XB Systems and the surging growth rates on X-Bet.co in terms of betting volume and user numbers encouraged UltraPlay to take the next step and initiate talks to merge BUFF.bet with XB Systems operations and management. Due to the signed agreement, X-Bet.co effectively and fully takes over the management and operations, as well as the domain and all assets of the merged business. UltraPlay will remain the platform provider for the newly formed venture for the foreseeable future.

Mario Ovcharov, CEO of UltraPlay commented: “We believe that X-Bet.co and BUFF.bet will form a great synergy together. With the two sites joined forces and the experienced management team of XB Systems firmly in place, BUFF.bet will undoubtedly go from strength to strength becoming one of the leading eSports betting operators worldwide”.

Daniel Miller, CEO of XB Systems said: “The merger is an absolute recipe for success and a win-win situation for everyone. Under the BUFF.bet brand we are targeting a major slice of the global eSports market. With our unique proposition of media portal and eSports betting site powered by UltraPlay’s data and betting solutions, we are certain that our market share will grow massively over the next 24 months“.