New bets emerge now that sports are off the table


Q&A with Betinvest COO, Max Dubossarsky.

How has your focus changed over the last few years? What key changes have you noticed in people’s playing habits in recent times?

In the last few years we have seen an increasing need for engaging and technologically advanced solutions. But it is also important at the same time that transactions are secure for players and that the solutions are adaptive and user-friendly. This is why we changed our product focus to creating a new approach to providing a Sportsbook and eSportsbook as a Service. Our clients can easily integrate our comprehensive product into their current platform and adapt it to any market.

They get professional-looking Sportsbooks with the added benefit of being able to control what goes on “behind the scenes”. The components of the product can be rearranged to meet the client’s requirements, which is key because layout is just as important as content in some regions when it comes to Sportsbooks.

We understand younger players’ penchant for hi-tech solutions, so this year we developed and presented our in-house online slot games with in-built VR-technology at ICE London 2020. Players can enjoy immersive games with advanced graphics, an appealing bonus system, intuitive controls, and easy access to VR. We have ensured that it is simple to use, and players just need to connect VR glasses to any device and start spinning. 

The events of recent months, namely the rapid spread of coronavirus around the world, have affected many industries, and the sports and gambling sectors are no exception. Due to the quarantine, nearly all traditional sports events have been cancelled so it is no longer possible to bet on them, land-based gambling is no longer operating, and the betting business is shifting its focus online. We have strengthened our position with our tried and tested eSports solutions and virtual sports, and have also expanded our range of eGames. 

What is Betinvest’s virtual sports presence like right now? 

Due to public events including sports games being cancelled, many providers of sports betting solutions have turned their attention to virtual versions of the traditional sports and other alternative betting avenues. Several years ago, we at Betinvest saw an increased interest in eSports which rapidly gathered momentum in Asia and the USA, and two years ago we introduced our eSportsbook product range.

We assembled a specialist team comprised of former professional players who know the industry inside out and can offer attractive odds and markets for all the current eSports events. This is now one of the most popular types of betting in the world, and so our clients can count on a product that is up to date, but also tried and tested.

Our Sportsbook marks a new phase of development for eGames. Due to the changes in the sports industry, the demand for eFootball, eBasketball, eTennis and more has grown several times over. And it’s no wonder: sports fans want to be part of the sports world – to watch matches, albeit virtual ones, and support their favourite teams. We want to see operators expanding their offer and giving their players the opportunity to bet on eFootball, eBasketball, eTennis, eHockey and even Mortal Kombat and more. Teams of skilled gamers play FIFA 2020, NBA 2K20 and Tennis World Tour matches around the clock. We provide pre-match and live odds, statistics for all events, full streaming on Twitch or client platforms and recordings of games that are available on our YouTube channel.

We provide an ever-expanding range of bets on virtual sports. In terms of third-party product integration, we are offering operators the opportunity to expand their product range into avenues such as tennis, basketball, football, horse racing, table tennis, speedway, cycling, greyhound racing and more. 

At a time when sports fixtures cannot take place for obvious reasons, we can provide people with an alternative way to make their leisure time more enjoyable. By having a wide product range, our clients will expand the user experience for their loyal customers with diverse gaming solutions that also enable them to attract new players.

How big is your eSports offering compared to other areas of your business?

It’s undeniable that eSports and eSports betting are among the fastest growing areas in the gambling industry. Given the latest developments, namely the cancellation of traditional sports events due to the rapid spread of coronavirus, eSports solutions are becoming more popular and profitable every day.

In quarantine conditions the big tournaments cannot take place in their previous formats either. LAN tournaments are cancelled, and the Majors have been rescheduled, but online tournaments can continue as before, with new ones are being organised all the time.

Given the circumstances for the world of sport, Betinvest’s eSports solutions are highly sought after by our clients. Thanks to our eSportsbook, operators can offer their players the chance to bet on the most popular games (Dota 2, League of Legends, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and so on). Users have access to over 1,000 live events and up to 3,000 pre-match events every month, a unique selection of 20 markets, events every 15 minutes and 24/7 match broadcasts. Our solution helps our clients to retain their existing customers and attract new younger audiences, enables customers to place a wide variety of bets on eSports and opens up new marketing channels. However, we are not resting on our laurels when it comes to developing other avenues like betting on eGames such as FIFA 2020, NBA 2K20, Tennis World Tour and virtual sports, which use random number generation and player statistics to determine a game’s outcome.

Now we are turning our attention to widening our range of products and solutions and increasing the number of events so that operators can offer their players on-trend engaging content to enjoy during self-isolation. And, in our opinion, that is more important than ever.

What are the major challenges you face in 2020?

It’s difficult to make any predictions at all given the current ever-changing circumstances. Some competitions have been cancelled as a result of the pandemic, and a number of national and European matches were being played behind closed doors. Euro 2020 and the Tokyo Olympics have been postponed until 2021. When the new year began, we couldn’t have imagined all this happening. 

The global upheaval caused by coronavirus and the resources, both financial and human, that will be needed to mitigate it are of course cause for huge concern. Nevertheless, these events are bringing out the best in us, demonstrating our resilience, creativity and willingness to find new solutions. Many teams, side-by-side with ours, have shown the utmost professionalism and an ability to find effective solutions to all of life’s challenges.

The temporary suspension of traditional sports events has made it possible to further develop virtual alternatives including eGames, virtual sports and eSports. In 2020 we will need to be adaptable to change, resourceful and act decisively because, as experience has shown, the old ways and traditions of this industry can change in a matter of weeks or even days. Despite everything, we believe that the pandemic will eventually come to an end, and we will be able to return to normal and put into action all the plans we have made.