Omega Systems Take Control Of Your Platform


Q&A with Ailbhe O’Reily, Account Manager, OMEGA Systems.

Hi Ailbhe, why don’t you start by telling us about OMEGA Systems?

OMEGA Systems was founded in 2010 as an enterprise software development company, providing clients with their own Player Account Management and e-commerce platform. Our clients take total control of their data and operations by utilizing any combination of over 180 third-party gaming providers already integrated with our system. We provide a totally independent, robust and scalable platform solution for online and land-based enterprises.

What are the key features on your platform, OMEGA CORE?

OMEGA CORE is an industry leading platform that is fully compliant in more than ten jurisdictions and growing, providing extensive compliance, AML, and responsible gaming functionality.  OMEGA CORE offers over 180 integrated providers to new or existing licensees, as well as a state-of-the-art bonus and loyalty engine that empowers the operator to attract and retain players.

We also provide clients a complete Player Account Management (PAM) system with extensive reporting. The PAM allows clients complete control to manage and monitor players.  Our OMEGA CORE Agency system provides retail network management in a typical hierarchical fashion. As always, the fact that our operators have their own platform, with complete control and independence is a key fact in choosing OMEGA.

What does a typical client licensing OMEGA CORE look like right now?

Our clients typically fall into two categories. The first group are well established operators seeking to replace legacy platform systems or to exit shared platform service providers. Many successful online brands are constrained by closed architecture platforms and embrace the fact that with OMEGA they are able to have ownership over their own platform.

The second group are usually land-based operators that are entering newly regulated jurisdictions. Our ability to quickly implement compliance features and our success in bridging online to land-based e-commerce is a key advantage here. 

Sounds like a winning combination, very interesting! What sets you apart from other platform providers?

OMEGA can operate in any jurisdiction, as we are not game aggregators like many of our clients are, we do not provide hosting services, and above all we do not compete with our clients. We are solely a software development company and our focus remains on the supply of software and systems expertise thereby creating a fantastic platform to support our clients.  We focus on what we excel at: superior platform software development. 

Responsible Gaming and Compliance is an important part in providing a platform for use in different jurisdictions.  What makes your platform the best in helping your clients in these areas?

Our product is very versatile, in that it is makes our clients compliant in many jurisdictions.  As part of our continuous development, new regulatory items are always considered a top priority for our team.

Clients using our product have a broad range of  AML control features and reports, our newly enhanced risk assessment tools are configured to be relevant to the jurisdictions that our clients operate in, and of course our responsible gaming features are superior and an integral part of our system. These tools can be modified on a brand or country level on a single system instance, to ensure that our clients are compliant in multiple jurisdictions at the same time.

As I mentioned, we are continuously adding compliance support for new jurisdictions on behalf of our clients, we are currently adding regulatory support for clients entering Hungary and Argentina, adding to the growing list of jurisdictions that our clients are operating in.

Many companies are feeling the effects of the current global pandemic. How is OMEGA Systems reacting to these unprecedented times?

Yes, while this is certainly causing changes in our industry, as well as many others, it has not changed our commitment to our clients and our team here at OMEGA. We continue to provide outstanding software and support to our clients, supporting their efforts by providing additional promotional features and capabilities to ensure they can maintain their business as best as possible now, and preparing for the return to normalcy in the future. 

In addition, even in this difficult period, we have signed multiple new clients in the current month alone. These are tough times for everyone, and at OMEGA we are resilient; we have the support of some very big names in the industry, so we are quietly optimistic.

What does the future hold for OMEGA Systems?

We are always thinking about what will come next for our company and what we are able to offer clients. We have just released our real-time customer engagement technology, CHRONOS, providing real-time messaging and promotional awards.

Our business continues to expand, we have just opened a new software development office in Lisbon, Portugal. This will enhance our abilities to support client development and new third-party integrations. I’ve always been an optimist and I believe that when the current crisis subsides, we will continue on our normal growth track. Further to this, markets are increasingly regulating, and operators are looking for reliable, flexible platforms, which we provide with OMEGA CORE.

You mentioned your new product, CHRONOS. How will CHRONOS be a useful tool for operators?

CHRONOS provides enhanced player acquisition and retention capabilities by using state of the art event monitoring to provide fully automated real-time messaging and promotional awards including bonuses, freebets and freespins. Operators can enhance their customer interaction experience real-time, based on a wide variety of user events, such as game, payment and player events. This real-time technology allows operators to provide a more intelligent, engaging and personalized user experience. 

Opening a new office in Lisbon sounds like an exciting opportunity, what made you decide on this new location?

Due to client demand, OMEGA is continually adding support, development and commercial resources to our growing team. Opening an office in Lisbon is another example of that. A larger team and more offices in Europe means that we can provide even better support to our clients.
As a large part of our business is based in Europe, Lisbon made sense as it easily accessible from other parts of Europe, as well as other parts of the world. The city itself is also a lovely place, and we look forward to being able to meet clients and do business there.

We know that Lisbon has become a tech hotspot in recent years and as a software development company, it was a logical next move to establish an office there. This will also allow us access to a wider pool of talent in terms of recruitment. Our employment opportunities are competitive and attractive, which help to attract the interest people from other sectors who can bring a diverse range of skills to our already talented team.

So does that mean that OMEGA is still looking for new talent?

Yes of course, we just opened a new office after all! We are always looking for talent. If you are a hard worker and feel like you could be a good fit for our team, please send an email to We have a team with a very diverse skill set, and are always looking for new colleagues to join in our adventure!

Thank you very much for speaking to us today Ailbhe!

Thank you! We are looking forward to the future.