Volt Casino Discuss Their Bold New Innovation


Daphne Xerri, Head of Casino at Volt.

After a year of speculation and teasing press releases, our team at Volt Casino finally unveiled our innovative new rewards program in February 2020 – Volt City – the most technically advanced gamified rewards programme in the industry.

Players can immerse themselves in this city-simulation building game, set in a futuristic, post-fossil fuel world, where many generous casino rewards can be won as they build their very own virtual “Volt” city.

In the rewards-programme-turned-simulation-game, players are challenged to rebuild Volt City – a simulated-city that has suffered from a blackout, which can only be powered back up through the use of Volt Crystals, which players earn by playing casino games – behaving precisely as they would have traditionally, but now with rewards to be gained for their play.

Becoming the Mayor of Volt City.

Bringing to life the gamification elements of this rewards programme, Volt players are tasked with becoming Volt City’s Mayor, undertaking a variety of missions in order to build their city.

From complete darkness, players gradually bring infrastructure and services back to the city, developing districts, upgrading buildings, and creating the technology and other items that will see their city thrive. As their city grows, so does its population and the needs of the citizens are met through missions and quests, delivered to players from the residents themselves.

Throughout the building of their Volt City, keeping rewards at the core of the game, players will chance upon Mystery Spots, where they will find Special Mystery Boxes filled with great casino rewards that can be accumulated and used when they go back to the casino.

A Truly Rewarding Experience.

Volt City was designed to elevate the online casino experience. With games the main draw of any online casino, why not make gamification a part of the rewards programme? The Volt City rewards platform does just this, working symbiotically with Volt Casino to combine the playing of casino games with the building of their virtual city. Both elements then generate rewards for the other.

Through Volt Casino, players earn Volt Crystals to be used to build their Volt City, and when they build their Volt City, they receive wager-free rewards to be used at Volt Casino.

Boosting Game Play Through Engagement.

Pondering our new concept, we at Volt Casino sat with a few core ideas; simulation games, through their immersion, keep players interested, and it’s easier to retain a current customer than it is to attract and convert a new one. So, what if we could combine playing online casino games with building one’s own virtual city? Integrating simulation and rewarding existing players whilst also giving them a break from game play every so often to grow their City. This was the spark that ignited the blueprint for Volt City.

Loyalty programmes are a critical component of a successful online casino. We recognised this and set about launching ourselves into a sphere ahead of what our competitors were currently doing with customer reward offerings, through immersive new technology. Moving beyond a simple point or tier reward system, engagement and fun were put as the top priorities to encourage retention.

So far, the results suggest that this is exactly the outcome, news which is music to the ears of affiliates who receive a 40 per cent lifetime revenue share, as a standard, from our Volt Casino players. With this, excitement is growing fast amongst affiliates, as NoWagering.com, says:

“Volt City is a ground-breaking revolution which completely breaks the mould of online casinos. Player engagement and retention is very often overlooked, but this new and exciting experience not only promises to entertain players in a completely new and novel way, but it also bridges the gap between iGaming and traditional city-building simulation video games.”

A new bonus, for a new innovation.

To accompany the launch of our new gamification player-rewards programme Volt City, we have introduced a new welcome bonus for new players to Volt Casino. Players will now be awarded 2 x their deposit in Volt Crystals and 5 x their deposit in Vollars to use in Volt City, as well as up to 300 Wager-Free Cash-Spins on Starburst. Thus far, we’ve had a great reaction to this new welcome bonus from affiliates and players alike.

We’ve also credited all existing Volt Casino players with crystals so they have a chance to play Volt City.

Beyond Volt City, shining a light on Volt Casino

At Volt Casino, we pride ourselves on being a high-energy online casino that caters to every kind of player. We feature leading online slots, and player favourites from an array of different providers, including Microgaming, NetEnt, Wazdan, BF Gaming and Red Tiger amongst many others. We also offer live dealer games with Netent and Evolution Gaming. Players can access Volt Casino on their home computer or on mobile, and we are available in English and German. We are proud to offer unrivalled promotions with secure deposits, first class customer service, and fast, reliable payouts. 

The Future is Bright at Volt City

With players, affiliates and the industry as a whole, enthusiastically in support and celebration of the Volt City platform, the future for this one-of-a-kind iGaming rewards programme is strong.

We have already announced that there are many new features to be revealed on Volt City over the next months, and year. Our team at Volt Casino welcome feedback from players and partners to ensure development continues to drive better experiences for players, and more signups and higher engagement for affiliates and Volt Casino.

As we continue our mission to make online gaming electric, Volt City is the bright light leading Volt Casino in pursuit of this ambition.