UD Ibiza and Betsson seal sponsorship deal


UD Ibiza and Betsson have reached a sponsorship agreement. The logo of the Swedish online gaming giant will appear on the sleeve of the light blue shirt next Saturday, when the Ibiza players debut in the phase of promotion to the Second Division against Unió Esportiva Cornellà.

The sponsorship will begin in the playoff and will extend during 2020/2021, regardless of the category in which Ibiza plays next season. In addition to occupying a space in the sleeve of the Ibiza elastic, the Swedish firm will also be present in other Ibiza brand assets.

Betsson’s innovative vision and enthusiasm for being part of the celestial project have been important factors in closing this new sponsor. Betsson’s idea is to create a fun and entertaining activation plan for all soccer fans. The good work and the projection of the Ibizan team that plays for the first time some playoffs for promotion to the Second Division, has motivated Betsson to contribute to its growth by becoming main partner from Ibiza. The emotions aroused on the island after the Copa del Rey match that the Ibizans played against FC Barcelona have also been decisive in sealing this commercial alliance.

It is the first sponsorship that the Betsson brand has made in soccer and it is a pride for our club the trust placed in our project, being in turn the first entity in Spain. “We are two brands with great potential and that is why we have decided to unite. Ibiza is a club that has been working very well and we hope that they can soon make the leap. The Ibiza brand is very powerful worldwide and with this alliance we are sponsoring the coolest club in the world ”, says David Plumi, Managing Director of Betsson Spain.

The strong point of the Swedish online gaming giant is sports betting, which is why they have chosen a football team such as the Unión Deportiva Ibiza with which they also share the values ​​of fun and entertainment through gaming: “Betsson bets on I play as a form of leisure, always referring to responsible consumption. We want our clients to come to our platform to have a good time, playing in a recreational way, “concludes Plumi. The Ibiza values ​​Betsson’s support very positively, a very important reinforcement just before the gates to play the most important games in the history of the entity.