A GAME ABOVE launches tool to help authorities combat black-markets

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Customer experience specialists, A GAME ABOVE, and player protection experts, Beanstalk, the makers of gambling cessation product, GamBan, are pleased to announce their formation of a joint-venture and the release of their first product: Yield Sec.

Yield Sec is a technical and advisory solution for government and regulators that caters to one essential across regulated betting and gaming markets: the provision of a protected, licensed marketplace.

YieldSec is the first effective tool to help regulators and government to monitor, police and enforce the licensed, regulated marketplace for betting and gaming, by removing black- market influence and instability, and preventing the failure to fund good causes and the outright theft of legitimate tax yield by illicit black market operators, through their websites and apps.

The dual targets all regulators can focus upon with Yield Sec alongside their mandate are simple: player protection and tax yield.

Working with government and regulators, Yield Sec becomes the catalyst for a truly level, licensed playing field across betting and gaming. With the world’s largest real-time database of black market sites and presence, online, Yield Sec transforms blacklist hopes into blocked sites reality and produces sustainable, predictable performance across taxation-raising.

The solution additionally provides for sincere player protection since it removes the easy availability of irresponsible and unwelcome, unlicensed sites from everyone, including minors and those struggling with problems caused by gambling-related harm.

Yield Sec effectively creates a regulatory ring-fence for all licensed and soon-to-be licensed markets for betting and gaming, aligning the will of politics and legislation to control the offering, availability, and pervasiveness of gambling products, with the reality of monitoring, policing and enforcement.

“The operation of a sustainable marketplace, with cared-for customers and practically excluded minors and at-risk audiences, whilst raising valuable taxation revenues for society, predictably, is the perfect way to support our shared mission across A GAME ABOVE and Beanstalk: the customer experience. Player protection and the operation of a sustainable, responsible industry, onshore and subject to regulation, are, in our view, simply facets of the customer experience, overall,” said Steen Madsen, CEO of A GAME ABOVE and a member of the Yield Sec supervisory board.

“After an intensive period of research and development, we’re pleased to be announcing the launch of Yield Sec. Across most markets today, those at risk of gambling-related harm do not know where to effectively turn when facing a problem. Escaping a spiral of continued, compulsive play is almost impossible when no gambling cessation helpline or tool has historically worked to effectively exclude the black market. Yield Sec will achieve this and provide for meaningful player protection. Caring for the vulnerable is ineffective if we only place conditions upon licensed operators but then leave the unregulated black market openly available,” said Jack Symons, a member of the Yield Sec supervisory board, and the Co-Founder and Director of Beanstalk, the makers of market-leading gambling prevention tool, Gamban.

“For governments and regulators, Yield Sec is a tool for our time and the sustainable future of regulated online betting and gaming. Despite the loss of nearly all professional sport over the COVID-19 crisis, it is clear that black-market betting and gaming sites and apps benefited enormously – at no other point in history have we seen the broad presence and availability of so many unlicensed, unregulated offerings, none of which pay any tax, protect any players or provide for those at risk.

In targeting regulated territories, these black market operators are effectively stealing taxpayers’ money and avoiding the contributions that licensed, responsible operators make to good causes and the prevention of gambling- related harm. I’m proud to be part of the team that is the first in the world to innovate such an important solution that will protect the licensed marketplace and finally provide a level playing field for legal, licensed operators,” said Bill Pascrell, III, a member of the Yield Sec supervisory board, President, North America for A GAME ABOVE, and a partner at Princeton Public Affairs Group, America’s largest state contract government and public affairs firm.