Record breaking Kentucky Lottery sales for fiscal year 2020


The Kentucky Lottery has had a total of $1,203,442,000 in sales for FY20. That is 6.2 percent or $73.8 million more than the previous record set in FY19.

Cash transfers in the lottery go to the General Fund which pays for college scholarships, grants, and education programs; therefore, the higher sales and transfers led to more funding for the college.

Scratch-off ticket sales totaled at $741.1 million and internet lottery sales totaled at $45 million, both increases from last fiscal year.

With the increase in sales, more winnings were seen. “This was truly a successful year for not only the Commonwealth, but players and retailers as well,” said Kentucky Lottery Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer Howard Kline. “Our players saw a record $801.2 million in prizes paid, while our hard-working retailers realized a record-setting $71 million in commissions. From a situation where things initially looked like they could turn bleak, we ended up with a win-win all the way around.”