Traditional sports are back!


Betinvest COO, Max Dubossarsky.

Under the current circumstances, a fully developed, high-quality sportsbook is now more relevant than ever before.

As a sports betting provider with more than 20 years of experience in the gambling industry, we have developed a product range for both offline and online businesses. So today, we offer not only relevant and easily customisable products, but ones that are also time-tested and up to date, and that successfully expand the betting businesses of dozens of our clients around the world. We provide a road map to success with 50+ classic sports from around the world covering 30,000 events per month, plus an additional 15,000 events for eGames each month and around 3,000 eSsports events.

In the near future, we will be supplying our very own WINners CUP that will provide new in-house tournaments to complement our classic sportsbook.

Due to changes in the sports industry, we have seen the demand for virtual and digital sports grow several times over. Fortunately, we were already offering these products before the pandemic, but the current situation has pushed us to develop and expand the number of disciplines, matches and markets that we previously had on offer and were proving popular. We started this year with a new phase of development for our eGames: we offer a multi-purpose product that includes eFootball, eBasketball, eTennis, eHockey, and even Mortal Kombat and World of Tanks.

Up to 15,000 events are available per month, with approximately 500 matches per day and an overall average of 67 markets to place bets on. Teams of skilled gamers play FIFA 2020, NBA 2k20, Tennis World Tour, NHL20, Mortal Kombat and World of Tanks matches. We provide pre-match and live odds, statistics for all events, full streaming on Twitch and client platforms and records of games saved on our YouTube Channel.

We have become one of the market leaders for odds: we provide over 1,500 events for live betting and up to 3,000 events for pre-match betting every month, a unique selection of 20 markets and 24/7/365 match broadcasts. Our dedicated team of eSsports traders compile odds for the most popular tournaments and games, including League of Legends, Dota 2, CS: GO, Overwatch, StarCraft II and Rainbow Six.

Our customisable eSportsbook is offered as an individual product. This is part of our innovative approach of providing it as a service: we decided to separate our eSsports service from our traditional Sportsbook so that clients who focus mainly on eSsports can opt to use our eSportsbook only, without placing an extra load on their system. We have taken care to give the product a simple design which includes all the useful features that are so important for an eSsports platform to have and that players so require. Thanks to our eSportsbook, operators can offer their players the chance to bet on the most popular games by selecting the most interesting markets.

BetInvest LTD is an international sports betting software provider. Our global success in the gaming industry stems from two main sources: our personnel and our products. We employ over 350 in-play and pre-match traders who work with our in-house software.

Well-established technologies enable us to provide fast and safe operations, and a unique system of risk management guaranteeing stable and positive financial profit dynamics all over the world for each of our clients.