Yahoo Sports and BetMGM announce new features

Sports Betting

Yahoo Sports have launched two new features on Yahoo Sportsbook designed to enhance the betting experience powered by BetMGM for users of legal age in eligible states, including streamlining the registration and onboarding experience between the Yahoo Sports app and BetMGM and adding player prop odds to Yahoo Fantasy.

The new features follow the rollout of Yahoo’s innovative immersive product offerings for the 2020-21 football season, Watch Together and one of a kind augmented reality experiences that continue to enhance the fans’ experience across Yahoo Sports and the Yahoo Sports app.

“At Yahoo Sports we are continuing to provide new ways for sports fans to go beyond engaging with content and interact in a seamless way with the sports that they love,” said Geoff Reiss, GM of Yahoo Sports. “The new features continue to enhance our fan’s experience and as we continue to reimagine the future of sports.”

In streamlining the BetMGM registration process, Yahoo Sports users are now able to use their Yahoo account to seamlessly register and sign-in to their BetMGM account. After registering for a BetMGM account, Yahoo Sports users can place bets with BetMGM without having to download the BetMGM app

The new features on Yahoo Sportsbook also allow Yahoo Fantasy users in eligible states to start seeing available player prop odds on the players tab and player card within the Yahoo Fantasy app and several locations on the web. Users will be able to place corresponding bets on the BetMGM platform. In addition, BetMGM is introducing unique player prop odds based on fantasy point totals, leveraging Yahoo’s fantasy scoring system.

Matt Prevost, BetMGM Chief Marketing Officer said, “Since announcing our partnership with Yahoo in 2019 we’ve worked closely together to produce great sports betting content and are excited to have new product features and a much easier integration with BetMGM for Yahoo’s Sportsbook and Fantasy users to enjoy.”

The sports betting integrations on Yahoo Sports touch a wide variety of sports including college and professional football and basketball, baseball, hockey and more.

Yahoo Sportsbook powered by BetMGM combines BetMGM’s world-class sports betting and interactive platform with Yahoo Sports’ history and best-in-class gaming platform and elevates the experience for sports fans, getting them closer to the games they’re passionate about and closing the loop from content to transactions. Yahoo users in New Jersey, Indiana, West Virginia, and Colorado are eligible to place bets on BetMGM, with additional states to follow.

Verizon Media and BetMGM entered into a multi-year strategic relationship in October 2019.  The partnership builds upon Verizon Media’s core strategy to connect content and discovery to transactions, and is a natural extension of Yahoo Sports’ mission to reimagine the sports experience for fans with unprecedented experiences. The additional features on Yahoo Sportsbook create more direct opportunities for users to discover, interact and transact on their interests on the BetMGM platform.