DraftKings signs multi-year sponsorship deal with UNLV


DraftKings have signed a multi-year agreement to become a primary sponsor of the Center for Gaming Innovation, housed within the International Gaming Institute (IGI) at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV).

The agreement includes the opening of the new DraftKings Gaming Innovation Studio at UNLV and provides DraftKings with access to local talent, while furthering the company’s ties to the Las Vegas community.

“We’re excited to be working with the University of Nevada, Las Vegas and its highly regarded International Gaming Institute to further innovate global online gaming,” said Paul Liberman, DraftKings co-founder and President, Global Technology and Product. “Both DraftKings and UNLV are on the leading edge of developing the next wave of technology within the international gaming industry. Through this agreement, DraftKings not only has access to the latest ideas coming out of the Gaming Innovation Studio, but it also allows us to deepen our relationship with the Las Vegas community.”

In January 2020, DraftKings officially announced the opening of a 300-person office in Las Vegas, providing the Company access to some of the gaming industry’s top talent. The agreement with UNLV will create a pipeline to local talent and to innovations created at UNLV, which has a long-standing track record of success in commercializing gaming products, ranging from new games and software to Responsible Gaming technologies. Visitors to UNLV can expect to see new DraftKings Gaming Innovation Studio signage, as well as DraftKings branding, throughout the Stan Fulton Building.

“The creation of the DraftKings Gaming Innovation Studio at UNLV will substantially expand the scope and output of UNLV’s gaming innovation program and will provide students the opportunity to collaborate in a professional setting, turning creative ideas into viable casino games,” said Daniel Sahl, Director of IGI’s Center for Gaming Innovation. “Now more than ever, we are delighted to collaborate with a company that is well-known for embracing innovation in gaming. This collaboration will help ensure that Nevada remains the global leader in gaming development and manufacturing – both now and in the future.”